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Adderall is a mix of amphetamines, and we’ve talked in great length about its use for ADHD. It promotes dopamine release and activity in brain cells, which leads to greater focus, motivation and attention.

But there’s a darker side. In high doses, Adderall can cause euphoria and extreme amounts of energy, hence its street name “speed.” When used recreationally, Adderall is addictive and tolerance quickly develops, meaning greater and greater doses.

Adderall has only been around since 1998, but is quite popular on college campuses. Students love its ability to help them study, pull all nighters, or party. Which is tragic, because such use only delegitimizes its use as a treatment for ADHD.

Fun Facts about Adderall

We produce and distribute legally more than 1,000kg per year of crystal meth, a close relative to Adderall

Anyone whatsoever if given a high enough dose Adderall would become delusional and temporarily insane