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A terribly seductive drug, use of Heroin mimics powerful painkiller chemicals natural to the body. This produces a feeling of deep calm and relaxation. Users feel like “everything is going to be all-right,” that life is wonderful.

That is, until the effects run out. Withdrawal from heroin is a terrible, terrible thing, and can even be life threatening. An inmate in jail who was undergoing withdrawal, for instance, decided to break his own foot so that he would get painkillers to dull the agony.

It’s that bad.

Fun Facts about Heroin:

Bayer, the makers of aspirin, once sold heroin as a cough medicine. (They probably had high customer retention)

The term “junky” comes from people who would sell pieces of junk metal to raise money to use heroin

Up to 85% of people who become addicted to heroin will never kick the habit fully