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A psychedelic that can make your life extremely interesting when you start seeing colors, shapes and have elaborate trances. The CIA drugged unsuspecting people with LSD to investigate its potential use as an interrogation tool, hoping that someone who was seeing floating, glowing giraffes might also be more willing to talk about what he knew.

At least one person died as a result of that testing.

LSD is a popular recreational drug because the strange experiences it causes can be quite enjoyable, and even life-changing according to some. That said, its potential for bad trips is not to be ignored – with some people even jumping out windows, thinking they can fly.

Fun Facts about LSD

The Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” can be abbreviated to LSD and is said to capture what taking the drug feels like

People who take LSD can later have unexpected and vivid flashbacks where they re-experience their “trip”

Owning just one gram of LSD can send you to jail for 5 years. The government is serious about stopping use of this drug (except when they’re the ones doing it)