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Adderall is among the most effective appetite suppressant we know of


Ecstasy makes you feel what its name implies – great feelings of pleasure and joy. It acts on all sorts of brain chemicals to work its magic, and is popular on the club scene to make parties that much more enjoyable.

Someone who takes ecstasy may quickly fall in love with someone and share all the most intimate secrets, or quiver with joy at the feeling of the ground under their feet.

Dancers who take ecstasy should be aware of its potential to cause dehydration. We’re talking about overheating to the point where your body organs sort of “melt.” Eww. Not to mention that use may be associated with significant brain damage.

Fun Facts about Ecstasy

Ecstasy has been investigated for its use in couples therapy

Drug company giant Merck patented Ecstasy in 1914

Because this drug can cause people’s jaws to clamp down shut really, really hard, users sometimes use pacifiers. (Stuff like that makes it pretty easy for critics to call drug use infantile)